5 Coolest Lightning Charging Cables for iPhone

Looking for a Lighting charging cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to a charging brick or computer with? The Lightning cable that came with your iDevice was probably boring and white but there are a number of really cool lightning cables on the market today that work with iPhone and iPad. We’ve done our best to round up the coolest Lightning cables available today.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cool Lightning Cable:

1. Anker Powerline Colorful Lighning Cable

These colorful Lightning charging cables are the opposite of boring. Green Lightning cables, Blue Lightning cables, Orange, Pink and Red too, all in generous 3 feet or 6 feet lengths. You might want to color coordinate your Lightning charging cable with your phone’s case color or you might just choose a colorful Lightning cable that’s fun and easy to spot and identify as yours when multiple people have charging cables out at once.

We use these bright colors to help us remember not to leave behind our cables when we’re traveling or at the office. It’s pretty hard to lose one of these brightly colored cords!

2. Compact Lightning Cable Keychain

Here’s another really cool Lightning cable product: this keychain is actually a lightning charging cable! The USB and lightning adapters easily plug into the keychain so you can take it anywhere. You can easily hook it on a backpack or to your keys and never be without an iPhone charging cable when you need one. As a bonus, one of the loops is actually a bottle opener, so it’s like you get two tools in one. This makes a great stocking stuffer for that relative who is hard to shop for.

3. Elegant Lightning to USB iPhone & iPad Charging Cable

Sometimes you want a charging cable that’s stylish and sleek and this elegant black and silver iPhone/iPad charging cable fits the bill. It measures 6 feet long and is made of long-lasting TPE material. This cool Lightning cable also works with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPod Nano, like all the other Lightning charging cables on this list. Comes with a 12 month warranty for a free replacement in case you have any problems with it.

With a zinc alloy plug, it automatically disperses heat and avoids rust or oxidation. It also includes an LED light on the lightning plug so you can easily see it in the dark.

Available in black and white.

4. Native Union Braided Lightning Charging Cable

Cool Braided Lightning Cable

This stylish 4 foot Lightning charging cable is coated with a high quality braided fabric to ensure it works for years to come (up to 17,000 bends according to the manufacturer, making it up to 6 times more durable than comparable plastic coated Lightning cables). Plus this Lightning cable has an especially long stress cuff on the ends of the plugs which means that even if you bend the end of the cable at a stressful angle, it won’t wear out easily like you may have experienced with other cheap Lightning cables.

And there’s one more trick this cool Lightning cable has up its sleeve: it features an elegant leather tie-up that’s looped around the cord so it won’t get lost. Available in the colors: zebra, taupe, cosmo, marine, and rose.

5. Light-up LED Lightning Cable

Here’s a really cool Lightning cable: it’s lighted with glowing strands of LED lights. This iPhone charging cable comes in a variety of colors and is easy to spot in the dark at night if you want to find your charging phone without turning on a light. This charging and sync cord measures 2.6 feet in length, slightly less than a meter long.

Comes in a pack of green, red, purple, and blue cables.