Best Lightning to Headphone Adapters & Converters for iPhones

It’s hard to find dedicated Lightning to normal, 1/8th inch jack headphone adapters these days for iPhones and iPads. But there are a few Lightning to headphone jack adapters and converters already on the market and they’re getting great reviews. Many of these products are imported from Japan, often a leader in new technology– and these devices are quite new. Here are some of the best Lightning to headphone adapters we’ve found:

Deff Sound Lightning connector dedicated headphone amplifier
Lightning to Headphone Converter

This Japanese-imported Lightning to headphone jack converter comes with a handy remote control at the midpoint where the adapter plugs into your headphones. The remote includes a next/previous track button to control your iPhone’s music, as well as a play/pause button and even volume controls. Technically it’s an amplifier, so you will get the ability to make your music louder if you want to, but it also works as a Lighting to headphone converter by plugging in as a lightning cable and offers a normal headphone jack for you to plug your headphones into. It also features a clip on the back side of the unit, to attach the Lightning to headphone jack adapter unit to your clothing for easy access.

Logitec HiRes conversion adapter Lightning connector corresponding MFI acquisition headphone amplifier DAC
Lightning to Headphone Converter

Here’s another Japanese imported product that converts the Lightning port on your iPhone into a normal 1/8th inch headphone jack. It also acts as an amplifier if you want your music louder, and offers play/pause, previous and next buttons as well as volume and a hold button.

Cozoy Astrapi Mini DAC Amplifier 24bit/192khz for iPhone
Lightning to Headphone Converter

If all you need is a Lightning to headphone jack converter without any of the play/pause buttons the earlier two models offer, the Cozoy Astrapi Mini is the closest you can get right now. It’s as simple as it sounds: you plug in an (included) lightning cable to one side, and your normal headphones in the other.

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