Top Lightning Extension Cables & Lightning Headphone Cord Extenders

Lightning headphone extenders are quite useful in a variety of scenarios. Sometimes cars like BMWs, Audis, and Mini Coopers have built in audio input jacks that aren’t placed ideally or have a cable that’s too short. Or you might have a thicker type of iPhone case like an Otterbox which means you might need a short Lightning extender to bridge the gap between cables that don’t quite fit. In other cases, you might just need a longer cable to listen to music with your normal headphones (especially if you’re running your lightning headphones through your clothing instead of wearing the cable on the outside of your clothes). Luckily, Lightning headphone extensions cables can solve this problem for you. As an aside, if you’re just looking for a long USB to Lightning cable for charging purposes, those exist too.

The best lightning headphone extension cables & extenders:

Lightning Extension Cable (3 foot white)
Lightning male to female extender cable

This lightning extender cable measures 3 feet long and has almost 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It can pass audio, data, and video through, as well as charge your iPhone or iPad. It has a male Lightning plug on one end (to plug into your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch) and a female Lightning cable on the other end.

You can also get a 3 foot long black version here. (Or a 6 foot black cable or a 6 foot white cable.)

Short Lightning Port Extender for iPhone & iPad
Lightning male to female extender cable

Sometimes you don’t need a long male to female lightning extender cable; you only need a very short one. For instance, some bulky iPhone and iPad cases don’t allow you to easily plug in a standard sized Lightning charging cable or other accessories. In those cases a short little Lightning adapter dongle like this one can work miracles. It measures only about an inch long but it is skinny enough to fit into nearly any Lightning port (though of course you’ll want to check the size of your device’s case to the measurements on this product to be sure). Also comes in white.

Short Lightning Port Extender for iPhone & iPad
Lightning male to female extender cable

When a short non-flexible lightning cable extender like the previous product isn’t flexible enough but you still want a short lightning cable extender, this product might be perfect. It features a male lightning cable connector on one end and a female Lightning port on the other end. This lightning extension cable comes in white and has been very well reviewed by purchasers who are mostly using it to charge their Apple Pencils, another possible use case for a lightning extender cable. (Find more Apple Pencil charging cables here.)

6 Ft Long Lightning Extension Cable
Lightning male to female extender cable

If you need a long Lightning extension cable, this product might fit the bill. It’s a 6 foot long black Lightning extender and features a skinny male lightning connector on one end and a female lightning port on the other end. It’s been generally well reviewed and works on iPhone (5 and later) as well as iPads and iPods with Lightning ports. Functions as a power source as well as plays music or video. Audi car owners in particular are using this to plug in their iPhones to their Audis which require an extra long Lightning cable. Also comes in a shorter 2 foot long version.

Frequently asked questions about Lightning cable extenders

Will this long lightning cable charge my iPhone as well as play music? Generally yes. All of the cables listed in this article should charge as well as play music at the same time if the device they’re connected to (like charging speakers for iPhones) allows that.

Will these lightning cable extenders fit in my particular case? Each case is different so we recommend checking the exact measurements of each of these Lightning extension cables against your actual case using a ruler and measuring in millimeters to judge whether or not they’ll fit. Some of these male to female lightning adapters are tapered at the male plug end so as to fit easier in tighter case openings like those by Otterbox and others.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Chargers: How to Charge iPhone 7 While you Listen to Music

charge iphone while listening to music

Up until Apple released the iPhone 7, iPhones had normal headphone jacks and separate Lightning ports for charging. With the iPhone 7 both ports merged into a single Lightning port meaning you can either listen to music (with Lightning headphones) or charge your phone– but not both at the same time. Well, here’s some good news: several third party manufacturers are now coming out with adapters that allow you to listen to music and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time!

How to charge iPhone 7 and listen to headphones at the same time:

iPhone 7 Lightning jack charger adapter2 in 1 Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Here’s another Lightning to headphone adapter that provides you with both a Lightning port for charging and a headphone jack for listening to music with. This one is different from the first item on this list because instead of being a brick shaped port splitter, it offers a flexible cable and both a Lightning port and a normal headphone jack. Some users might find this more convenient or desirable because they may feel it has less of a chance of snapping off or stressing the inside of their iPhone 7’s Lightning port.

iPhone 7 Lightning jack charger adapter2 in 1 Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Audio Adapter & Charging Cable

This Lightning to headphone jack adapter offers both a traditional headphone jack and a Lightning charging port so you can listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time. It comes in black and features a flexible cable attachment. This model supports simultaneous charging and audio output, however please note that like several of these models it does not allow you to change the volume or play-pause your music if using headphones if you’ve got a pair of headphones with an inline remote in them.

iPhone 7 Lightning jack charger adapteriPhone 7 Adapter, Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter With Charging Port

Here’s another Lightning Port to headphone jack with a charging port built in so you can listen to music and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time. It features a volume controller so you can reach into your pocket and skip songs or change the volume of songs using this adapter without having to turn on your phone first. Comes in black, blue, gold, and rose gold.

iPhone 7 Lightning jack charger adapteriPhone 7, 7 Plus Dual Function Lightning Adapter + 3.5mm Headphone – iPhone 7 Splitter With Extension Cable

This iPhone 7 simultaneous charging and music solution provides a normal headphone jack and a Lightning port for charging your cell phone. It comes in black, white, gold and rose gold and features a cable that’s approximately 4 inches long. Note that if you get a phone call while you’re charging you’ll need to disconnect this adapter since it can’t control phone calls via the headphone jack.

Additional factors to consider when listening to music while charging your iPhone

Taking cell phone calls – Most of these adapters don’t allow you to use your headphones while you’re talking on the phone and using this adapter. Unfortunately they’re not able to acomodate a microphone in your headphones even if it has one. So if you get a phone call or need to take one while you’re using many of these adapters, you’ll need to unplug it and use the phone without a headset.

Changing volume with a remote – Many of these adapters also don’t have the ability to pass through remote control signals even if your headphones have in-line remotes for your phone. Some adapters have their own controls though, so you could use those instead.

Are there other solutions to this problem? You bet. If you get a pair of Bluetooth headphones you can use the Lightning port on your cell phone for charging while you listen to music without an issue.