What is the best lightning headphone splitter adapter for iPhone?

iphone lightning headphone splitter

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to music while charging your iPhone 7 you need lightning headphone splitter. Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple nixed the traditional headphone jack on their cell phones so all you’ve got to work with is a single Lightning port on the bottom of your phone. Lightning headphone splitter adapters are very handy to have.

There are two kinds of lightning headphone adapters: those that split into two lightning ports and those that split into a lightning port and a traditional round 3.5mm headphone jack. We’re going to include both types in this article. First up: Lightning headphone splitters that provide you with a Lightning jack and a headphone jack.

Lightning headphone splitters providing 1 headphone port & 1 Lightning port

iphone lightning headphone splitter with headphone jack

If you want to listen to music wearing a traditional pair of headphones with a round 3.5mm (1/8th inch) jack while charging your phone, you need a lightning to headphone port splitter. Here are three great Lightning splitters to choose from:

iPhone 7 Adapter 2 in 1, Lightning to 3.5mm AUX Headphone Jack Splitter

This Lightning to headphone and Lightning splitter measures a little less than 5 inches long (12cm) and provides a headphone jack at a 90 degree angle to the lightning charging port (or headphone port, depending on how you use it). Although you cannot use it to make phone calls with your headphones plugged in, it does allow you to charge your phone or iPad while you listen to music. You can use this splitter at your desk, on the go or in a car. Available in both black or silver color options.

iPhone 7 Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter & Charger

Here’s a different Lightning to headphone port splitter that comes in white, matching your first party Apple headphones. It supplies you with a normal headphone jack and a Lightning charging port. One nice feature about this lightning splitter is that it includes volume control built into the adapter with three operate-by-feel buttons which are easy to press while your phone remains in a pocket. Works with phone calls if your headphones have an in-like microphone like your original Apple Lightning headphones do. Available in white, black, or a black/red.

2 in 1 Lightning adapter and Charger

This headphone splitter for iPhone 7 and up provides you with a headphone jack and also a Lightning charging port. It’s in a slightly different style than the previous items listed in this article because it’s a Y splitter meaning your pairs of cables can go easily in two completely opposite directions. Of course some users might find that this makes it easier for the cables to get twisted, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Available in black.

Lightning headphone splitters providing 2 Lightning ports

iphone lightning headphone splitter with 2 lightning ports

If you want to be able to charge your iPhone via Lightning and listen to music using Lightning headphones at the same time then you need this category of adapter: a lightning to lightning splitter. Here are some great choices:

iPhone Lightning Splitter

This lightning headphone splitter lets you charge your phone and listen to music at the same time, although it will not allow a second person with Lightning headphones to listen to music. It does however allow you to make phone calls with Apple headphones and use the play/pause buttons.

Plug-style iPhone Lightning Splitter

This Lightning splitter provides two lightning ports: one for charging and the other for listening to music (two people can’t listen to music at the same time using Lightning headphones). Available in silver, black and red color options. Compatible with Apple EarPods headphones with in-line microphones for calls/Siri and control buttons.

Frequently asked questions about lightning headphone splitter adapters:

Can two people listen to music at the same time using these Lightning headphone splitters?

Unfortunately because of limitations Apple has put on the current Lightning specification only one person can listen to music at the same time. These lightning cable splitters are for listening to music and charging your phone at the same time, not sharing music with another person.

What versions of iOS do these Lightning splitters work with?

They work with iOS 10 and later. If your iPhone or iPad is up to date, you’re in good shape to use these.

Do these Lightning adapters require a special app to work?

Nope; they’re plug and play. Just plug them in and they’ll work. If you encounter a problem, try disconnecting everything and plugging your headphones or charging cables or both into the adapter before you plug the adapter into the phone.


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What is the cheapest lightning cable you can buy?

What is the cheapest lightning cable you can buy?

Many people are looking for cheap lightning cables to charge their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Sometimes people need a replacement cable for a lost or broken lightning charging cable, other times you may just want a cheap lightning cable to use as a second inexpensive lightning cable in the living room or to throw in a backpack as an extra.

Candidates for cheapest lightning cable:

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable – 3 Feet (0.9 Meters)

The AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning charging cable is one of the best reviewed cheap iPhone charging cables available today. It is the same length as the standard iPhone/iPad charging cable that came with your device (about 3 feet) but unlike the original Apple version, this one is available in both white and black color options. You can also get this cable in varying lengths (up to 10 feet) if you need a longer cable for use in hotel rooms, the living room or in other places where especially long charging cables come in handy. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

5 pack 1 meter Certified 8 Pin Lightning to USB Cable

One of the most cost efficient ways to buy Lightning charging cables is by getting a multi-pack. Even though it’ll be more expensive than buying a single cheap lightning cable, when you divide the cost by the number of cables in the pack (in this case five) the price per each individual cable is much cheaper. This is one of the cheapest lightning cable deals we’ve been able to find. All five cables are white and measure 3 feet long (1 meter, the same as the standard Apple-made lightning cable that came with your iPad or iPhone). These are standard lightning cables with USB on one end, to plug into your cell phone charging brick or computer, and a lightning plug on the other end to plug into your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other Apple mobile device.

Four Pack of iPhone charging cables

Here’s another iPhone/iPad multi-pack of cheap lightning cables. This four-cable variety pack of lightning charging cables includes one 3 foot long Lightning cable, one two six foot cables, and one extra long ten foot lightning cable. Plus they’re made of braided nylon, which may make them more wear and tear resistant. These four pack lightning charging cables come in a variety of colors. Compatible with all Apple devices that have a lightning jack.

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable – 2 Feet (0.6 Meters)

This cheap iPad cable/iPhone cable is creatively designed so that it can retract inside itself, leaving no cable mess. The elver compact design of this short iPhone charging cable allows you to carrying it around with you in your purse, pocket, or bag in a way that might be awkward with a full size 3 foot long charging cable from Apple. A side benefit from a retractable cable design like this is it prevents the your charging cable from getting tangled into a mess with any other cables or objects you have in your backpack or pocket, such as keys. Measures 2 feet in length. Made by Amazon It works with all iOS devices (iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones) and comes in either black or white colors.

Wilist 6 Pack Short Apple Lightning Cable with Keychain iPhone Cable 8 Pin Lightning to USB Cable

Here’s another one of the cheapest lightning cable deals available: 6 short charging cable keyring that fold into key rings. When unfolded they measure about 8 inches long but with their cap firmly in place they are small enough to fit into a pocket or purse. Comes in a multi-color six pack (black, blue, green, white, orange and pink). Also includes a free bonus stylus pen for iPad or iPhone. Works with all Apple mobile devices that have a lightning charging port. Available for iPhones, Android phones (with micro USB charging ports) and USB C.

Frequently asked questions about cheap lightning charging cables:

Do these cheapest lightning cables come with charging bricks?

No. These are just the cables themselves, they don’t include charging bricks that you plug into the wall to give you a USB outlet to plug them into. If you need a cheap USB charging brick wall plug, you can get one here.

What is the longest lightning charging cable I can buy for my iPhone/iPad?

The longest lightning cable we’ve ever come across is a 10 foot cable (3.05 meters). You can find one of those here.

Are these cheap lightning cables high quality?

They may be fine for many people’s uses, however you also get what you pay for often times. If you’re looking for high quality lightning charging cables, see our related article: What is The Best High Quality Lightning Cable? Generally speaking the more stress you put on a cable, twisting it, coiling it or winding it up, using it at odd angles, the more likely it’ll fray. You may also want to check out a nylon braided lightning cable which some people find to be sturdier than rubber coated cables.


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