iPhone 7 Headphone Adapters: Lightning to Headphone Jack Converters

Apple’s iPhone 7 began the trend of cell phones that only have Lightning ports instead of the normal headphone jacks. So what do you do if you prefer to use headphones that end with a normal 1/8th inch headphone adapter instead of the new Lightning connector? Luckily there are a number of Lightning to headphone jack adapters for you to choose from that allow you to use your old regular headphones with a new iPhone’s Lightning port.

The best Lightning to headphone jack adapters and converters:

Lightning to Headphone Adapter for iPhone
Lightning male to female extender cable

Here’s a pretty straightforward Lightning to headphone adapter that allows you to use your old headphones with 1/8th inch stereo TRS jack with a new iPhone or iPad’s Lightning port. It works with iPhone version 5 and up as well as other iOS devices like iPads and iPad Minis and iPod Touch with Lightning ports.

Note that this adapter plays music and allows you to use in-line remote to control your music (if your headphones have one) however if you get a phone call you will need to disconnect the headphones to use your phone normally instead of using the headphones as a headset. Comes in white. This is also available in a 2-pack if you need more than one of them.

You may also wish to pick up a tether leash to keep your adapter from getting lost.

Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Adapter for iPhone 7
Lightning male to female extender cable

This Lightning to headphone jack adapter is a little bit different: it offers the normal 3.5mm headphone jack but it also has a replacement Lightning port which allows you to plug your phone into a charging cable so you can listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time. If you find yourself wanting to listen to music while you charge your iPhone then this might be a tremendously useful extra port to have on a Lightning to headphone adapter cable. Note that it cannot be used to control music with an in-line remote control if your headphones have that. Comes in silver, black and gold.

Lightning to headphone jack adapter for iPhone 5, 6, 7
Lightning male to female extender cable

Here’s another style of iPhone Lightning to headphone adapter which allows you to charge your phone while listening to music. Instead of providing a two-pronged splitter like some other 2 in one Music + Charging Lightning adapter cables, this model provides a single silver mini-adapter box. It works with regular headphone jacks and a standard Lighting cable to charge your iPhone while listening to music with. One benefit of this particular converter is that it provides a full 2 amps of charging power meaning that it won’t slow your charging process to a lower speed. As a result, this Lightning to headphone charging adapter may charge your iPhone faster than some other adapters.

Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Converter
Lightning male to female extender cable

If you want a stylish Lightning to headphone adapter that includes a remote to change volume and play/pause built in, this might be the perfect adapter for you. It comes in a variety of colors and when you plug it into your iPhone 7 it provides you with a normal headphone jack as well as a Lightning port for charging and a volume/play-pause remote control. Note that this model does not support making phone calls with an in-line microphone if your headphones have that.

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Lightning to 3.5mm Male Auxiliary Gold Cord – Premium Headphone Adapter to Car Stereo
Lightning male to female extender cable

This item is a little different from the rest, it provides you with a Lightning audio jack on one end and a 3.5mm male audio jack on the other. Basically, it allows you to plug in your iPhone with Lightning port to a speaker system that accepts headphone jack inputs. This might be useful if you want to convert Lightning to headphone jack to listen to your iPhone 7 on your car stereo with a aux port. It also will allow you to connect your iPhone 7 with a Lightning port to a set of speakers that accepts a headphone jack input.

Frequently asked questions about Lightning to headphone jack adapters

Can I use these adapters with my old headphones that have a play/pause button or a microphone in them to answer calls and change volume?

At the time of writing this article there appears to be an iOS software bug that’s causing problems for some users who want to use these functions. This may be fixable through an iOS software update or it may already be fixed by the time you read this. Read more about this issue in an Apple support thread.

Do these Lightning to headphone jack adapters come in different colors or am I stuck with white?

Several of these iPhone 7 headphone jack adapters are available in other colors. Click through each one to view the different colors they’re available in.

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